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8 Ways To Spice Up your Hanukkah Party

Hanukkah is one of the holidays where friends and family get together and spend some quality time in each other’s company. Here are 8 ways you can turn your Hanukkah celebration into fun and make it memorable.

Light It Up

Hanukkah is also known as the festival of lights. Decorate the house with an assortment of different candles. Add some glitter on the tables with Hanukkah confetti and some fairy lights and you are ready to “shine” in your party.

Latka Cook-Off

There are so many ways to make latkes. So, instead of just making and serving one kind, have each guest bring their own latke recipe, with ingredients, and have a cook off. This is a great way to have some healthy competition, and a lot to eat.

Donut Decorating

Donuts are a must at a Hanukkah party. Get some plain donuts, a lot of toppings, and have your guests decorate and fill their donuts as they please with some yummy fillings that you premade. A little bit of arts and crafts before dessert never hurt anyone. This is a great activity for the kids while you have some adult fun.


Making your own gelt is way more fun than just buying it from the store. All you have to do is melt down white or dark chocolate of your choice. Spread the chocolate on some wax paper on a baking sheet or tin and let it set. Carve out your own coins with a toothpick and make it into a competition to see who has created the most creative coin.

"The Hanukkah Song" Music Chairs

Music is a major part of any party. This includes Hanukkah. Create a Hanukkah playlist with your favorite Hanukkah tunes and whoever wins the game can take home the Hanukah gelt made earlier.

Candle Swap

The best way to celebrate the festival of lights is to have your own festival of lights gift swap. Advise each guest to bring a wrapped candle. Place each candle in a box or large bag and have guests blindly fish out a surprise candle before they go. You can get really creative with this prior to going to the party.

The Ugly Sweater Contest

Ask guests to show up in their best Hanukkah or Jewish-themed sweaters. While stores have no shortage of ready-made sweater options, you can also encourage guests to get crafty and decorate their own sweaters. For the artsy among us, this is definitely one of the most fun Hanukkah party ideas.

Play White Elephant

Since Hanukkah usually involves giving a single gift on each of the eight nights, give everyone a gift at your Hanukkah party through a White Elephant gift exchange game. The game requires that everyone bring a wrapped gift. The players then draw numbers to determine the order in which everyone will get to unwrap a gift. On each person’s turn, they can either choose to unwrap a new gift or “steal” an already opened gift from someone else. Once all of the gifts have been unwrapped, set a timer and let the gift-exchange commence. Once the timer runs out, everyone must keep the last gift they were holding. Another way to play this game is to not unwrap any of the gifts until the end. Add an element of mystery to the game by keeping all the gifts wrapped until the last person takes their turn. You still “steal” each other’s wrapped gifts, but you have no idea what’s actually inside until you’re stuck with it. Expect a lot of laughter when everybody opens their gift and realizes it isn’t what they guessed it would be. This Hanukkah party idea makes the nightly gift giving part of the festival even more fun.

I hope you have fun creating your fun Hanukah party this year!

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