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To Postpone Or Cancel Your Wedding

These are difficult times and many couples are being forced to rethink any imminent wedding plans because of coronavirus. Such measures have prompted a number of brides and grooms to consider postponing their weddings out of safety for their guests.

While we all know that doing so is the most responsible, sensible thing, it doesn't make anyone immune to feeling disappointed and upset that a wedding that they may have spent months planning can no longer go ahead when they hoped it would. It also doesn't stop anyone from feeling overwhelmed by the many challenges that come with postponing, not least the idea of financial loss.


If your wedding is within the next two months, postpone now

Do not await further guidelines from the government to see what is coming next. For some vendors (your wedding vendors are your florist, caterer, photographer, DJ, etc) it will be very difficult to postpone their work if you tell them last minute that you wish to delay your wedding.

Think about postponing, not cancelling

If you are at the start of your wedding planning and all deposits are refundable, then you might consider it. However, first, you need to ask yourself: is it possible to do so? Before considering cancelling your wedding, I strongly advise you to review your vendors' terms and conditions and read over the contracts you signed (especially the small print). It is highly likely that deposits would be non-refundable, so what would be the advantage of cancelling your wedding then? If you cancel the wedding, you are back to square one and it is a financial risk. Postponing is the way to go, to help your vendors in these difficult circumstances of course, but also to protect yourself financially.

There should be minimal financial loss in postponing your wedding

It all depends on what is written in your contract. Please check your rights and obligations and review the terms and conditions. You may have to pay a fee in order to postpone your wedding date. I recommend giving a call to your vendor: they may decide not to charge you an additional fee, even if it is written in the contract due to these exceptional circumstances. It really is a time when we should help each other. Important point to note: by postponing your wedding, there should not be a financial loss but there will be a risk that some of your preferred vendors won't be available for your new date.

Think about a new date now

What is the point of postponing your wedding if your nearest and dearest cannot attend. It can take four to six months to plan your wedding, so you can postpone now but carry on your planning. You may decide to freeze any planning and reassess the situation in a few weeks’ time for instance.

Consider the bigger picture

Breathe and be grateful for your family, friends and jobs that you have. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. A wedding is a special time with your family and friends. How many happy events in your lifetime will you be surrounded by all your family and all your friends? That's why weddings are unique. In these very difficult, exceptional times, now is the right time to focus on what is important and ask your guests how they are doing.

You may still decide to create a small wedding in your back garden or on your balcony, whatever your decision you make, be HAPPY!

If you are thinking of having your wedding and would like some free advice or you are thinking of making your wedding in the near future, call Weddings By Totally Tanya to create the wedding of your dreams.

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